We believe in uniqueness……

That’s why with creativity and competence we design and make each of our knives.

We carefully select materials from which we produce the handles and the scabbard. We use the top quality steel and the best manufacturers of the blades to guarantee that each knife bearing the ART KNIFE logo is one of a kind. Our chief Knife maker, Michał Rogoziński, is a professional art conservator who with a reall passion and attention to detail, creates exceptional and unique works.

... because we make unique knives.

In our store you can mainly find artistic knives with a fixed blade, made by our main Knife maker - Michał.

We also offer replicas of historical white weapons made by [XXX] and armor from a hand of [XXX]. Moreover we plan to add to the Art Knife Family unique folders perfect for EDC.

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Latest knives

Knife maker - Michał Has been

producing knives for over 7 years. The passion for knifemaking was born out of hunting and the desire to have a unique knife for your own equipment. Michał is a professional art conservator, actively working in one of Warsaw’s museums, where he looks after the museum pieces made of wood. In his career, he has created over 200 unique knives, which are characterized by a great attention to detail, quality of workmanship and the selection of the best materials. 
Michał creates knives according to his own projects he can also make the knife according to the customer’s requirements and vision of a perfect knife. 
The process of creating a custom knife by Michał takes up to 6 months, depending on the current number of projects and availability of materials from which the knife is to be made. 

Our manufacture

All our knives are made in a workshop in Warsaw's Rembertów. For the production of the handle, our chief Knife maker uses unique and high-quality materials such as stabilized wood of various species, stabilized mammoth bones, silver, brass and horns. The blades of our knives are made by Michał Rogoziński or Mariusz Cieślę. The steel for their production comes from the master forges of Mariusz Cieśla, Greg Forge and Konrad Baron. For the production of our unique blades, we use mostly K490, Nitrobe 77, s90v, k110 or Wanax steels – which are characterized by excellent parameters, perfectly combining hardness and keeping sharpness with ease of everyday use.